Why Are We Here?!!

A 30,000 Foot View of the Media

Why Are We Here?!!

In an era of billionaire businessmen with zero political experience winning the presidency and a time when Oprah is being touted as a potential competitor in a couple years, it's hard to find and cling to what's "real" in America these days. Allegations of politicos chatting up the Russians, the FBI wiretapping phones, and former president Barack Obama being to blame abound. Even as I shake my head, I have to ask if it is so and who is telling the truth.

If it is so, does it matter? Really? How much of it is "just politics" and how much is a "Pearl Harbor-type event" that will "resonate for years to come in Washington"? Seems to me that winning cures all ills and I suspect if Mr. Trump can follow through on his promises prior to the election, this post election garbage will take itself out. But, if not, the media will surely be there to squabble over the spoils, levy blame and cry "I told you so".

In the meantime, we are bombarded with concerns about the media itself, it's reliability, accuracy and how committed the media even is to those concepts anymore. No doubt, the advent of digital media has hastened many a report to paper and often led to claims of smoke with no fire to back it up. We have all seen times when items were 'supposed as fact' in one medium, only to be dispelled in another a couple days later when the rest of the story came out. Sometimes these conflicts are resolved among different mediums owned by the same company! It is assumed the public is as tolerant of error as it is ignorant of the fact it was duped by the first report!!

Some believe the willingness to "own" and apologize for these miscues preserves their credibility. I tend to lean towards the little boy who cried wolf as a predictor of how this pattern will play out over time. Also, too often, the popularity of a particular stance on an issue becomes the 'truth' regarding that issue. "We tried" and "we admitted we were wrong" are of little use after someone has been slandered or accused wrongfully and it happens too often. Wade and Carter has more than once called on elected officials for clarification and found out a story always has two sides. That is a value that simply didn't exist before we started our show just four months ago. I am proud we bring that benefit to Victoria and our forum to the community and its leaders.

Let's look at Donald Trump's decision to limit travel from certain countries that happen to be "Muslim majority" areas of the globe. Seems like religious persecution, but you gotta admit, that region is where the trouble has begun except for the resident nuts who've done crazy things. Hard to eliminate Americans acting badly, but we can, no doubt, disrupt the plans of would be terrorists if we can keep them out of the USA. May not be popular, but makes sense and may save lives. We will see how it plays out, while the media is busy shaping opinion with emotional stories about 'families being torn apart', and any other contra stance they can present to promote their anti-Trump bias with no regard for national security.

Ash and I started a radio show about nothing and used our contacts to develop it into a "Content Driven Media Source". We have broken several stories already and get our news "Straight from The Source"!! No other media venue has the access to our elected officials that we enjoy and that means you benefit by listening to Wade and Carter each week day. We have that access not because we pander to these folks, but because we are fair, unbiased and available.

 Our show is your show and is constantly evolving. We encourage your feedback and take criticism very well...try us, please. I was recently told the show "was dragging" and have made a conscious effort to be more pacy as we move through the hour. It all happens in one hour!!

Accuracy in reporting and consistently being the source for what's affecting Victorians is our goal. Every news organization would love to have a presence on Facebook, a website, Live streaming, and an archive of their activities. We are blessed to not only have all those tools, we have a funny and informative format that doesn't take itself too seriously...while still being a credible source for what affects you. Give us a listen and feel free to give us some criticism...we won't ban you or remove your comments. Have a great week and enjoy our great city.



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