Rules of Engagement

Don't Blame Me If You Don't "Get" The Show!!

Rules of Engagement

We are about to embark on a new and exciting chapter in the Wade and Carter Show.  There will be an announcement this Sunday evening that will surprise many and also greatly broaden the reach of our show.  That's twice in two sentences the word "show" has appeared and it's not by chance.  What we do is designed, first and foremost, to entertain.  Local situations and opportunities have forced an evolution of the program to focus more on "news content" than originally anticipated and we embrace this role and responsibility.  In fact, we are now known as "An International, Content Driven Media Source" and it's a true statement with listeners in Canada, France, Italy and states all over, especially a strong presence in Indiana!!

The idea of News Right From The Source is a natural for radio.  Nobody can get misquoted and things are hard to take out of context on Live Radio.  Throw in that we deliver each broadcast Live on Facebook where you can see the reactions of guests to tough questions and you have a very open, honest and transparent format that didn't exist before Wade and Carter came along.  I am proud of what we are building and continue to emphasize this is YOUR show and how it grows and morphs is partly YOUR responsibility.

Ash was recently the victim of a malicious attack via a complaint at his place of employment regarding something he allegedly said on the air.  Naturally, if you even casually listen to the show, you know this is unlikely as it is me who is the loose cannon and infinitely more likely to offend.  The coward who attacked Ash did so "Anonymously" as is so common among the most harsh critics of anything and it really knocked him off his rails.  I, and many in the public, have learned to simply discard anything spewed in anonymity and press on.  To Ash' credit, he took the time to review the tape, confirm what I already knew and prove to himself the person who complained had, at best, misheard. 

All this is said to remind you that we solicit, literally beg for on every show, feedback from all of you via several forums.  You can call us on the air, send us comments, even ANONYMOUS comments viafeedback@wadeandcarter, comment on our Facebook page titled Wade and Carter, chat with us during the show, or call me on my cell at (956) 202-2322.  In short, we want your feedback; your comments do make a difference and your concerns will shape our product!!

But, if you choose to attack us from afar, ignoring the fact we are absolutely transparent and filleted out on Live Radio and the Internet...I encourage you to simply change the channel.  Blunt, but honest, especially when I encourage you to tell me like it is AND promise to use your input to shape YOUR show.  This is smart people radio and if you can't keep up, please end your frustration, quietly, and move on down the dial!  Listen...Closely!!!

Monday is going to be a great day and a reminder that everything happens for a reason.  Often, we can't see the blessing until much later.  Not the case here as you will instantly say, "Wow!  Good for them".  NO, GOOD FOR YOU as we grow this forum together and make it what YOU want it to be!!

God bless and have a great week and weekend!!  See you Monday and hope you will provide feedback!!


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